Creative Counseling & Consulting adopts a person-centered planning approach to treatment. This process-oriented approach empowers members by focusing on the member and putting him or her in charge of defining their direction of their lives, not on the systems that may or may not be available to serve them. Person Centered Planning can produce results that will further the inclusion of people into activities and environments in their schools and communities. Planning in these ways assist the person who is the focus of the planning, and others that are invited to think and plan creatively about the resources and supports that might be necessary to implement an Action Plan

A culturally sensitive approach to working within a multicultural context requires that agency personnel be aware of their own cultural values and beliefs. It is the policy of CCWCC that members are approached with sensitivity to and respect for the social context of the member's problems and their social and personal history. It is important to understand the personal meaning of the illness and suffering for member, their family, and their community.

CCWCC is committed to meeting the needs of it members and has dedicated itself to providing services, programs and policies that are appropriate and accessible to our members, who encompass a broad range of human differences such as ability and disability, age, educational level, ethnicity, gender, geographic origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic class, and values. 

Therapeutic Environment

Creative Counseling & Wellness Center Corp endorses the Recovery Model as part of its active treatment with individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. During the recovery process, this model indicates that in order for members to function optimally they are dependent upon clinicians, family/significant others, and community supports to provide support and/or services that are consistent with the best practices identified. Additionally, members take personal responsibility for managing their recovery by following the best practices as defined. Failure of any of these entities to behave consistently with best practices could result in members: not functioning optimally, taking longer than necessary to reach their optimal level of functioning, or having unnecessary relapses.

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